Book Chapters

Rova, M. & Haddow, S.  (2017). Moving Bodies: Dance Movement Psychotherapy Groups for Mothers and Babies in Inpatient and Outpatient Perinatal Mental Health Services. In Celebi, M. Weaving the Cradle. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

Κάρκου, Β.,  Λύκου, Σ. & Ρόβα, Μ. (2015). Διεθνές Ερευνητικό Πεδίο και Προοπτικές στην Χοροθεραπεία. «Η Συμβολή των Ψυχοθεραπειών μέσω Τέχνης στην Ψυχιατρική Θεραπευτική». Επιμελητές: Γιώτης, Λ., Μαραβέλης, Δ., Πανταγούτσου, Α. & Γιαννούλη, Ε. Εθνικό & Καποδιστριακό Πανεπιστήμιο Αθηνών, Ιατρική Σχολή, Α’ Ψυχιατρική Κλινική

Journal papers

Rova, M. (2017). Embodying Kinaesthetic Empathy through interdisciplinary practice-based research. Arts in Psychotherapy Journal. Vol 55, pp. 164-173. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.aip.2017.04.008

Presentations & Events

(2018) ‘Moving Toward New Lands: Transforming Embodied Knowledge in the 21st Century. Crossing Borders and the In-Between Keynote presentation. 3rd EADMT conference, Athens/Greece

(2018)  Professional DMT  training programme   (2017-2021)  Biosoft, Institute  for non-verbal coaching  and psychomotor  therapy, Kiev, Ukraine: ‘Applying Cognitive Neuroscience Methodology to DMT research’. Research Webinar

(2015) Dementia Pathfinders in association with St George’s NHS Foundation Trust: ‘Finding Body/Mind Balance’ a Young Onset Dementia Support Group Event. Guest Presenter Commission

(2014) Centre for Arts Therapies Research University of Roehampton (London)‘Embodying Kinaesthetic Empathy . A practice based and interdisciplinary investigation’ – PhD research seminar

(2014) 1st European Association for Dance Movement Therapy Conference, Resilience within a Changing World (Riga, Latvia): Embodying Kinaesthetic Empathy as an Intersubjective Phenomenon and Clinical Intervention – practical workshop.

(2014) Centre for Arts Therapies Research, University of Roehampton (London): Embodied Research Methodologies Symposium – participatory session

(2014) Royal College of Psychiatrists (London): Perinatal Strategy Day, Embodied Experiential session –  Workshop.

(2014) East London NHS Foundation Trust (London): Embodied Approaches to Team Building (workshop leader), Margaret Oates Mother and Baby Unit – Away Day.

(2014) East London NHS Foundation Trust (London): Introduction to the Arts Psychotherapies in Perinatal Mental Health – National Educational Event.

(2013) Centre for Arts Therapies Research University of Roehampton (London): Dialoguing the Space Between –  Research Seminar.

(2011) East London NHS Foundation trust: National Travelling Circus Conference for Specialist NHS Perinatal Services across the country (London)Experiential session and Introduction to clinical Mother and Baby DMP group work – workshop leader and presenter.

(2010) Central and North West London NHS Foundation trust (London): Creative Approaches in Dementia Care – Relatives and Staff Event in a Continuing Care Unit for Dementia.


(2014) Centre for Arts Therapies Research, University of Roehampton (London): |mu| a live research performance event accompanied by a photography and art exhibition.

(2012) Centre for Arts Therapies Research University of Roehampton (London): Embodying Loss Symposium – Silent Story (solo performed by Tasha Colbert, choreography and direction Marina Rova)

(2011) Chisenhale Dance Space (London): De Mentis Silent Stories I,II&III a live dance theatre performance accompanied by a photography and short film exhibition.

(2010) 1st National Dance and Dementia Conference (Liverpool): Preview of De Mentis (performance and Q&A session)


(2015) Embodied Knowing. Landscapes of Curiosity and Multiplicity. Emotion (ADMP UK) Spring, Vol XXV, no 1, 11-13

(2008)  Finding Core Purpose: Applying Bartenieff Fundamentals to Dance Education and Therapy in Emotion (ADMP UK) Spring, vol XVIII no 1, 11-12

(2007) Theatre of Gender in Emotion (ADMP UK) Winter, vol XIV no 22, 4-5