New research publication

Embodying kinaesthetic empathy through interdisciplinary practice-based research.

The Arts in Psychotherapy, Volume 55, September 2017, Pages 164–173


This paper draws on a practice-based interdisciplinary research project to examine ‘kinaesthetic empathy’ as an intersubjective phenomenon within clinical practice. Research participants included both experienced movers (a group formed by qualified dance movement psychotherapists and dance artists) and non-experienced movers (a group comprising multidisciplinary clinicians within a National Health Service mental health unit). The investigative work was grounded in embodied interdisciplinary research and was informed by dance movement psychotherapy (DMP), phenomenology and cognitive neuroscience. Research outcomes included: (i) A measure of motor cortex involvement in movement processing; (ii) phenomenological analysis of participants’ accounts and (iii) embodied performance work. This paper straddles art, science and clinical practice boundaries and contributes to discourses of embodied empathy and intersubjectivity within clinical contexts.

Download a free PDF copy here (valid until August 18, 2017).


Dance for Life Evaluation Report

Read about the launch of Dance for Life, an interdisciplinary project between Dementia Pathfinders and Re:Bourne/New Adventures supporting older people living with dementia in residential care. Marina contributed to the planning and delivery of the programme working collaboratively with dance facilitators to develop embodied interventions through applied kinaesthetic approaches and reflective practice. The full evaluation report is now accessible to download in PDF.

New Book chapter publication

Weaving the Cradle. Book available on Amazon in April 2017.

Chapter reference:

Rova, M. & Haddow, S.  (2017). Moving Bodies: Dyadic and Group Explorations in Perinatal Dance Movement Psychotherapy. In Celebi, M. Weaving the Cradle. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

PhD Viva Success!

After successfully completing her PhD Viva Marina is planning various research publications based on her doctoral thesis throughout 2017. Watch this space for updates.