‘|mu|’ performance poster

|mu| was a live dance theatre performance accompanied by a photography and art exhibition. It captured the thematic development of a PhD research process investigating the phenomenon of kinaesthetic empathy combining dance movement psychotherapy, phenomenology and cognitive neuroscience. The public performance considered questions such as (i) how do we perceive through our moving bodies, (ii) how does embodied practice inform our empathic relating to another’s lived experience and (iii) what are the emerging concepts of embodied empathy arising in clinical contexts?

Here is a video of the rehearsal process.


Artistic Direction/Research: Marina Rova

Performance: Elizabeth Casselton, Evangelia Kolyra, Mira Schauble, Maria Fernanda Toledo and Geoffery Unkovich

Music Score: Peter Broderick (by kind permission)

PhotographyMiltos Dikaros and George Kolyras (images processed and edited by Marina Rova)

Visual art: Morgan Sinton-Hewitt

Lights and Technical Support: Jonathan Wilson

Audience feedback:

“I found myself being taken on a journey through bodily reactions, emotions and memories. I felt like I was swinging between just observing and the desire to stand up, participate and explore each moment with others and by myself. In both cases, I felt there was enough space for me to “stay with” the performance and accept the experience fully.”

“One of the most interesting sections of the piece I found was the section where the performers responded to the audience suggestions. By announcing the stories they were then going to embody, there was a stronger connection between the movement and the meaning of it for me and I think this is why, when I think back, this is the section that I remember most vividly. I really enjoyed watching how all the stories also connected with each other live on stage, how the movement merged and how everyone’s stories seemed to link up in different ways. It really was powerful.”

“Such a beautiful evening, experienced the privilege of watching intersubjectivity in the moment by a cast who are very embodied. The music was a perfect accompaniment to what was happening and my MNS was on overdrive!”

“You made me laugh, cry, then laugh again, then cry again, and finally feeling good. All within 50 minutes!”