aRTSjAM Collective

I am a co-founding member of aRTSjAM Collective (2011). Below is a description ofthe aRTSjAM Collective’s vision and practice (text provided by aRTSjAM Collective):

aRTSjAM is a collaboration of Arts Therapists who come together in the spirit of improvised and creative personal and professional development. aRTSjAM is a time and space for individuals to add further texture and dexterity to their artistry in a range of art forms. It is a space to move between singing, playing, drawing, moving, painting, writing and dancing to develop a diverse range of creative expression. This creative space invites exploration of vocal and movement improvisation in relationship with others and alone to support professional development of the creative skills of the therapist. Group members welcome and explore qualities of discordant rhythms and sounds as well as harmonic movement, sound and image created in the shared improvisation.